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We used Young Person Advisory Groups (YPAGs) to co-produce the study protocol and research materials

Why did you join the

“I want to give my views and opinions on the mental health of young people, and feel this would be a good opportunity for me personally, to meet new people and learn about their

experiences. I feel this could potentially lead me to other opportunities. Being involved in research would be a chance to be involved in something different and new.“

--- Alasdair


“I am interested in joining the group because I believe I can be of added value towards the general health and wellbeing awareness and improvement for the community.“

--- Jessica


“I am interested in joining the group because I have had many experiences in my life where I have felt lonely, such as living through a pandemic where I couldn’t see my friends, having bad experiences with bullying in school and suffering from a hidden health condition. These have made me realise just how isolated you can feel and how this can affect other aspects of your life.“

--- Eva

“I am curious. I know that everyone benefits from finding out about how to stay healthy but knowing how to encourage and help children and teenagers look after our health, physical and mental, is a good thing.“

--- Brody

“I am really passionate into Improving the way Mental health is shaped across Scotland in general and I really do love getting involved with opportunities like this and talking to young people about their mental health.“

--- Tyler

“I believe I can give valuable insight and opinion as I’m very interested in healthy living including eating and sports participation. We must improve health of young people through physical participation in sport and healthy lifestyles so we live longer and better. The health research group is fascinating as it is amazing that my view and those younger or same age as me will help to shape ideas.“

--- Andrew


“I am about to start volunteering by helping out with Perth and Kinross councils sports groups (gymnastics/multi sports camps) organised by Live Active. I’m hoping that by joining this group also I can continue to help young people in a positive way. I have enjoyed my personal, social education classes which focused on helping young people deal with issues such as bullying, homophobia, how to stay safe online and health matters.“

--- Ava

“To learn new things, meet new people and support the community."

--- Sharon

“I find human psychology really interesting and think I could get a lot out of the opportunity as well as bring a lot to the study."

--- Daniel


What we've changed after YPAG

Before YPAG


After YPAG


Creation by

We had an in-person YPAG meeting last year. Here are some artworks created by young people. 

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